ZAC Malbosc


This new development district of some 40 hectares, located on the northern slope of a hill in Malbosc park, north-west of Montpellier, derives the strength of its character from the topology of the site.

Assimilation into the environment

The orthogonal ground plan opens up views of the park and the surrounding green areas. Dense, sparse or classic urban spaces are set off by transverse lines that point towards the hill and the park, with its rich green gauze. The urban composition follows the contours of this conserved area, and innovative architectural forms of compact habitat are being developed.

Revealing the site

Within the ZAC, we were keen to ensure that public space would remain close to nature. The stream was brought back to the surface, and developed. There is a large catchment area which, associated with a downstream system of basins, absorbs flooding. The pine groves that make a major contribution to the local identity have been enlarged and enhanced.

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Operation in progress since 1999 (currently Phase 5)
Client: SERM
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Kern & Associés Architecture Urbanisme (team leader), Ingérop
Mission: joint design of the town-planning project, complete design of public spaces
Area: 38 hectares, including 8 of public space
Built area: 15 hectares of floor space, including 2,100 housing units
Budget: €12.9 m (excl. tax)