Tram line, Avignon


The city of Avignon is constructing its first tram line. Renowned for its exceptional heritage – the palace, the bridge, the festival, the ramparts – the city’s contemporary development is now being extended beyond its historical perimeter. And the new tram line is seen as a form of linkage, an urban activator.

A luxuriant boulevard

The ramparts, lined with greenery, encircle the historical city and make it possible to walk all the way round the walls along an east-west axis. The construction of the tram line will provide an opportunity for renewal, and for the creation of an urban park. This initial, partial phase of the project will be followed by others.

Greening the suburbs

Apart from the possibility of walking round the ramparts, the tram line is crossing the Saint-Ruf district, on the city’s outer perimeter.

Here, given the restrictions of the existing road system, the project is proving an invaluable asset for the district. This reorganisation of public space in terms of its different utilisations – in particular the parts reserved for cars, public transport and pedestrians – will result in a long-term integration process.

Thinking about future developments

Along the southern bypass, the new tram line is central to the national policy of urban renovation (NPNRU). It also paves the way for the transformation of the bypass into a pedestrian boulevard, with an east-west link on the drawing board.

Through a reconnection, clarification and reorganisation of public space, this project aims to make Avignon an eco-friendly city with an enviable quality of life.

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Tram line, Avignon
Clients: Communauté d'Agglomération du Grand Avignon, Tecelys
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, SNC Lavalin (team leader), SCE, Safège
Mission: complete project for the line itself, and related public spaces
Length: 9.6 km
Estimated budget: €182 m (excl. tax)