The Var Plain

The Var plain[06]

Ilex did a strategic preliminary study of the area, in which geographical and urban pressures were strong. How was quality of life to be preserved, along with a balance between urban development and agricultural activity?

A complex environment

As a developing area, the valley is characterised by an historical partition: on one side there are the major axes of mobility, the human habitat and urban development resulting from a favourable geographical situation, and on the other, agricultural activity that is vulnerable to developmental pressure. And between them, there is the threat posed by a powerful river confined to an artificial bed and constricted by urban expansion.

A strategic framework

Given the landscape and the economic conditions, the idea was to harmonise the development of the terrain, and to integrate it into a long-term strategy. We identified and analysed zones of high intensity, with urban forms related to existing opportunities and risks. Six areas of coherence were defined within the study zone, and action plans were put forward.

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The Var plain
Client: Communauté d'Agglomération Nice Côte-d'Azur
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, SEURA (team leader), Sensini, ETC, Oteis, Energies Demain, CVL
Mission: definitional market (not completed)
Area: 12,500 hectares