Jardin des Nations, Geneva


The object of the study was the creation of two ecological pathways across the district. The Jardin des Nations is an atypical, conserved area on the hill overlooking Geneva. Home to a number of NGOs and other institutions, it is somewhat hermetic, notably in the prevailing climate of increasing security consciousness, which could well result in the progressive closure of what has up to now been a remarkable open space.

Creative possibilities
Ilex suggested a change of scale, and a transverse structuring of the area so as to take advantage of its possibilities and general character. This exploratory work gave rise to ideas for developing a system of pathways that would connect the hill to the urban space below.

Shifting perceptions
This study reveals the potential importance of analytical scale. Apart from the design of two paths, the aim was to reach out to neighbouring districts, and this was made possible by reorganising the different means of access. There is now a plan to create a system of paths; and Ilex is working on the first two of these.

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Client: Canton de Genève
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme
Mission: feasibility study for eco-mobility in the city's international district
Linear development: Promenade de la Paix (2.6 km); Cours de Nobels (1.5 km)



Maillage général