In just a century, under strong developmental pressure, Monaco increased its land mass from 150 to 200 hectares by advancing out into the sea. And it is pursuing this conquest with a major initiative based on the possibilities of offshore technologies.
Ilex did a preliminary study on urban densification, examining all the potential outcomes, including the most improbable.

Radical imagination, for the assessment of possibilities
Looking at different degrees of terrestrial density, and the extension of the city, the team developed extreme images to test the different possible urban schemas: city-port, peninsula or islands.
The research was inductive, and comparisons between the different images facilitated a programmatic debate. The limits of realism were deliberately pushed back as a way to liberate the power of the imagination, while also revealing potential advantages and disadvantages.

Explorations are discussed and studied, with a view to defining potential orientations and decision-making processes. Our « plan for the occupation of the sea » would allow Monaco to enhance its prestige and its image.

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Client: Principauté de Monaco, Service de la Prospective Urbaine
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Xaveer de Geyter Architecte (team leader)
Mission: territorial study
Area: 200 hectares