Place Sainte-Anne


In 2019, the extension of Rennes’ metro line B further reinforced the central position of Place Sainte-Anne, which is a node of the city’s public transport system and infrastructure. And its Jacobins convent is now a European conference centre. A number of vital changes find their focal point in the square itself.


Place Sainte-Anne is a centre of night life in Rennes, but it is also the scene of numerous daytime activities. There are stalls, and tables outside the cafes. Alternation, hustle and bustle, flexibility: the ambiant dynamism is something our project seeks to maintain and amplify.


The square brings together a diversity of remarkable medieval facades, along with conserved and modified buildings, a church that was never actually completed, and spaces that are available to the public, but which can also be used to stage organised events.

Paradoxically, it is through openness and unobtrusiveness that the different constraints are harmonised. Unification, and the levelling of the ground, create linkage and coherence.


The people of Rennes have a long-standing attachment to this square, and the point was not to give it a total makeover, but to make it a functional, high-performance platform, while preserving its essential identity. The kiosks in front of the church, and the subtlety of the lighting system, are among the keynotes.

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Client: Ville de Rennes
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Ceramide, Encore Heureux
Mission: complete project
Area: 1.3 hectares
Provisional budget: €3.8 m (excl. tax)