Place des droits de l’Homme


This project was part of a development dynamic on the scale of the Clermont-Ferrand conurbation. The impetus was given by the national agency for urban renewal (ANRU), and by the prolongation of tram line A to Croix-de-Neyrat, Champratel and Les Vergnes, which created a new urban entity along an east-west axis with two major avenues.


Les Vergnes is an interface between two urban districts. To the north, there are tower blocks; to the south, detached houses. And this dichotomy is further accentuated by the fact that the two sectors are not actually connected up by existing roads. There is a buffer zone which is characterised by a number of individual features, notably a crèche, a shopping centre and a chateau. The point was to bring them together as an integrated public space.


The extended tram line represents an axis of symmetry for the district. There are two parallel routes. The northern pathway, for pedestrians, links Les Vergnes to the stadium and the west of the city, giving greater prominence to the chateau. The southern route connects up the two urban entities.

Making connections

The renovation of the square reintegrated the two urban areas, with the landscape as a unifying element. The garden of the chateau of Les Vergnes goes all the way to the steps, and the playground of the crèche was harmonised. And finally, the shopping centre was reintegrated into the square. There is thus a combination of services and social spaces.

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Place des Droits de l'Homme, Clermont-Ferrand
Studies, 2011-2013
Client: Ville de Clermont-Ferrand
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Ingérop, CapVert Ingénierie, Icade Surretis
Mission: complete project
Area: 4.65 hectares
Budget: €4.3 m (excl. tax)