Technology Park, Porte des Alpes

Bron - Saint-Priest[69]

The plain to the east of Lyon is located between the first dense urban perimeter of the city centre and a ring of agricultural land that is under developmental pressure. It is an evolving landscape of limits, which, in 1995, saw the launch of a plan for a new technology park.

A broad landscape: a project and a vision

The site belongs to a peripheral zone that also contains a university, the Eurexpo exhibition centre, several industrial parks and elements of infrastructure. There is a potential for the integration of green spaces and agricultural land. The technology park may be seen as an initial constituent of a new economic ecosystem, a « containing » landscape that can absorb different activities, while also influencing the metropolitan geography.

A double vocation

The T2 tram line from Lyon to Saint-Priest passes through the technology park, presaging something more than just an activity zone: Ilex sees this area of 50 hectares as a combination of the technology park itself and a public amenity. We proposed a landscaping plan that would merge public and private functionalities into an overall vision.

The result is an innovative project in which the classical mechanisms of urbanisation are inverted: public spaces are landscaped in such a way as to structure the site and open up the texture of the built environment.

Differentiated management

The objective of a sustainable natural-urbanistic relationship was a driving force behind the technical implementation of the project, with earth-moving operations, an enclosed site, the management of water resources and surrounding woodlands.

The strength of the project lies in its scientific and ecological aspects, with a differentiated management plan and close monitoring of plant life based on a 10-year accumulation of data. The large open spaces are popular with visitors, and their biodiversity is increasing.


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Technology Park, Porte des Alpes, Bron Saint-Priest

Client: Grand Lyon
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Cap Vert Ingénierie, AMCO Architectes
Mission: the landscaping of public and private spaces
Area: ZAC Feuilly, 50 hectares, including 26 of green spaces
Budget: €4.8 m (excl. tax)