Parc du Vallon

Lyon, la Duchère[69]

This park is central to the redevelopment of the Duchère district, restoring a geographical character that was not left untouched by history.

At the start there was a stream…

The park goes from the working-class district of La Duchère to the suburb of Ecully. The stream was formerly buried, but the park remained threatened by an upstream watershed. The aim of the competition was the construction of three dams that would hold back the water in case of excessive rainfall.

The technical challenge

In order to restore the valley to its original character, the stream was brought back to the surface. The dams open up the space, with slightly sloping ground and the formation of a larger and a smaller bed.

The charm of bygone days

The existing technical installations, and the associated relief, have been brought back into evidence. The dams form tiers in a theatre of greenery, and the flat surfaces provide play areas with oculi through which children can listen to the song of the underground stream. A differentiated form of management allows the meadows to flourish naturally, and to rebalance the surroundings.

The architecture of the park is complemented by numerous flower beds. This is urban nature acting as a binding force, in the service of the local population.


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Parc du Vallon, La Duchère, Lyon
Client: SERL
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Les Eclairagistes Associés, Cap Vert Ingénierie, Artelia
Mission: overall design
Area: 8 hectares
Budget: €6 m (excl. tax)


ilex plan parc du vallon