Bird park


Glaciers left a majestic legacy of lakes in the Ain department’s Dombes area, which is home to the bird park. Species from across the world live in semi-liberty in reconstitutions of their native habitats which must also respect the nature of the local landscape. And this is a real development challenge.


Our priority was the integration of the park into the surrounding landscape, in particular the Dombes lakes. All round, there are rivulets with exotic decors that are set apart like chapels, where microcosms meet.

Spaces and sub-spaces

There are many different ways of exploring the park. The lake is surrounded by secondary spaces and interstitial canals that give it depth and scope, with possibilities for strolling and wandering. There is water everywhere, and diffracted light. The density of the vegetation creates an untamed, vaporous, luxuriant atmosphere in which one can lose oneself.

The park, set in a nature reserve of 10,000 hectares, is notable for its ambiance as much as its birds.

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Bird Park, Villars-les-Dombes
Client: Régie Départementale du Parc des Oiseaux
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Cap Vert Ingénierie, Agathe Argod
Mission: assistance with regard to a general plan for a classified site
Area: 23 hectares
Budget: €6 m (excl. tax)