Parc de la Moline


Parc de la Moline extends across 10 hectares on Marseille’s Montolivet plateau, which is traversed by the L2 motorway tunnel.

A revelation

Located between a residential suburb and a densely-populated city centre, Parc de la Moline was designed as a distinctive fusion of a conserved historic heritage, a swathe of urban nature, an eco-thoroughfare and a realm of freedom. It closes the wound opened by the motorway, bringing together aspirations to city and village lifestyles with a strong rural, Mediterranean identity.

Permanent springtime

With its numerous species of evergreens, the park remains attractive all year round. There are open landscapes and panoramic views, along with more intimate, stress-free nooks and crannies of verdure. In the luxuriance of nature, with its elegant, straight, well-groomed paths, there are also openings, passages and shortcuts.

Diversified utilisations

The park is there for everyone. It was planned as a protean, multiform mosaic whose features include a butterfly garden and an educational farm. Articulated with a north-south road, it connects the valleys of the Huveaune, to the south, and the Jarret, to the north, and provides an alternative way to discover the east of Marseille.

A breath of fresh air

The Mediterranean coast has a marked climatic character. When the Mistral is not blowing, the weather in Marseille is mild; otherwise it is harsh, approximately one day in three, especially on higher ground.

In his Voyages, Flaubert wrote, « The sun is such a beautiful thing in Marseille, but so terrible… » Here, shade and a respite from heat can be luxuries.

From nature to social bonds

In Provence, the concept of « public space » is somewhat relative. The streets are plain and functional. Montolivet stands in contrast to the dense canopy of the trees and the luxuriant climbing plants in people’s gardens, which spill over onto the arid roadways.

More than just a haven of peace, this is a fertile terrain for the cultivation of social relations. Running, strolling, playing, wandering, resting, exploring, meeting – these are what fashion the landscape, and the construction of society in the city.

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Parc de la Moline, Marseille
Client: DDE 13
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Kern & Associés Architecture Urbanisme, CCC (BE VRD)
Mission: complete project
Area: 10 hectares
Budget: €3.5 m (excl. tax)

ilex moline plan