Montmuzard campus


Modelled on the archetypal North-American campus of 50 years ago, the Université de Bourgogne has now spread across the 150 hectares of Montmuzard hill, around the Esplanade Erasme. The arrival of the T1 tram line in 2012 produced an initial opening-up of the site onto the city.

Make way for the pedestrian!

The central developmental objective was to radically limit the presence of the car on the campus. The roads were turned over to pedestrians and cyclists, in a new mobility plan.

The area is no longer subject to the hegemony of the car, and roads have ceased to be the vectors of connection. It is the park as a whole that links up the different spaces of life. This fresh start constitutes a complete reorganisation of the campus, and movement is now integrated into the heart of the park, which stretches out ever further beyond Esplanade Erasme.


Two paths link up the different buildings. Formerly roads, they have been redimensioned and made more eco-friendly, in a campus that has become a park.

In parallel, there is a path that winds its way through the central space.

But right at the start…

During the study phase, pop-up salons were installed in the car parks, thus foreshadowing future utilisations, with priority given to the pedestrian.

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Client: Université de Bourgogne
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Safège VRD
Area: preliminary studies, 52 hectares; operational phase, 7 hectares
Budget (operational phase): €3.7 m (excl. tax)
Mission: complete project