The streets of Neuilly


Neuilly’s aim is urban renovation, and a reconstruction of public space for the benefit of its residential and working populations, but also with a view to enhancing its domestic and international profile. The objective is threefold: to reunify, open up and personalise the arteries that run along the central axis of Avenue Charles-de-Gaulle.

Preliminary reclamation
Some 75% of the 70 metre-wide space between the facades has up to now been given over to cars, the rest consisting of sidewalks.
Ilex suggested a complete rethink of traffic flows along the avenue, and a modification of the junctions and parking areas, which would be much reduced. An end to the hegemony of the car means that the centre can be given back to the local people. And the spaces thus freed up can be devoted to more communal pursuits.

Architecturalising free space
In an historical perspective, there is a need for a re-examination of the axial limitation, and the creation of new clarity, with a renovation of borders, a realignment of the plane trees and a redimensioning of the central strips and pedestrian crossings.
In public space, strong linear gardens can bring nature into the city, organise space and generate character. In the present case, there are new forms of utilisation: pathways, leisure facilities, a terrace, kiosks and urban furniture. The diurnal and seasonal rhythms are respected.

New, improved services
The major points of intermodality, which are central to urban intensity, are redefined. They include the Place du Marché, Les Sablons, the Place de Madrid, businesses and company headquarters.
Airy glass pavilions house new services with economic and cultural perspectives. The project unifies, simplifies and opens up public space, giving it greater flexibility and versatility.
This is a design for a total transformation of the avenue.

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2016 competition winner
Client: Ville de Neuilly-sur-Seine
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), Sogéti Ingénerie, Dumetier Design, Oasiis, Ceryx, Objectif Ville Consultants
Mission: overall design
Linear development: 2.5 km
Budget: €45 m (excl. tax)