Chêne-Bourg CEVA station

Chêne-Bourg, Geneva[Switzerland]

The Chêne-Bourg station, on the CEVA line between Annemasse and Geneva’s central station, will occupy a strategic position in terms of geography and infrastructure.

Mobility and public space
Stations link up urban time and transport time. And they are frequented both by residents and travellers. The question for Ilex was: how is a station to be integrated into a city? But also: what connections, what approaches, what forms of protection?

The answers to these questions are to be found in a paradoxical need to create a simple, uncomplicated space, so as to sublimate and bring to life the transparencies of the site, and the totality of possible flows, while achieving a strong, distinctive identity.

Unifying, and reunifying
Ilex’s idea was to turn the station forecourt into a unitary, functional entity that could be divided up into contrasting but coherent segments.
The « green line » of ecological mobility opens up the area, whose new triangular centrepiece is an emblem of identity, a focal point for flows and circulation.

There are two major zones. The first, at the entrance to the station, is centred on mobility. The second, on the opposite side, is concerned with current and future utilisations.

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2012 competition
Client: Commune de Lancy
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme (team leader), B. Ott & C. Uldry
Area: 15,000 m2



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