Beaulieu, Monteux, eco-district


Monteux is in the Sorgues plain at the foot of Mont Ventoux, to the north-east of Avignon. The authorities wanted to implement a mixed planning operation and an eco-district for housing, business and tourism.

The topology
Ilex put forward a plan that would allow for future developments. There was a lot at stake, and two major preoccupations: flood risks, given that the area was formerly marshland, and that it would thus be necessary to create a network of canals and storage basins; and also the preservation of the existing landscape, whose windbreak hedges, alluvial trees, aquatic plant life and Mediterranean vegetation provide structure and protection, and are constitutive of a local identity whose conservation and development is a priority.
The topology reveals a number of spatial unities. And the project takes account of amenity value and utilisations. Along with the wooden terraces that form an open-air theatre, there are reed beds, pathways and gardens.

The landscape, first and foremost
On a former agricultural plain, Ilex envisaged a landscape of water, panoramas, ecological beaches and marshes. This is an environment to be lived in, with a strong character animated by the poetic quality of the Sorgues plain.
This active landscape is both the backdrop of the project and its major axis; and the result will be an environment whose inhabitants enjoy an optimal quality of life.
The basic elements of the new neighbourhood are now in place. And just a few kilometres from Avignon, in an emerging natural space that is being developed in a reasoned, sustainable way, there is already a habitat, a commercial fabric and two theme parks.

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2007 (ongoing)
Client: Communauté de Communes, Les Sorgues-du-Comtat
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Oteis (team leader)
Mission: consultancy on a joint urban planning project
Area: 110 hectares (45 of housing, 65 of parks)
Built area: 22 hectares, including two tourist infrastructure projects
Budget: €32 m (excl. tax)


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