Al Zorah Linear Park

Emirates of Ajman[UAE]

In this developing project, we are part of an initial operation involving both a resort and a habitat. Between mangrove and coast, the questions that need to be addressed are those of landscaping, architecture, symbolism and functionality.

Linking up a resort and a city
In the heart of this new development, the Linear Park project is a combination of a coastal resort and a city on the edge of a mangrove. Ilex’s task was to create a public, planted-out space that would connect up the different areas, but also act as a crossroad for encounters and activities in the heart of a distinctive developmental typology.

Volumes and amenities
The conceptualised volumes were inspired by the surrounding desert, and they provide relief within the flat expanse of the coast. Green dunes mark the landscape, giving depth and identity to the park, whose dense canopy of foliage creates shade, while the skyline is punctuated by soaring palm trees.

A strong identity
The vegetation creates a sort of cocoon that gives a cool, protective sense of interiority in the midst of desiccation and aridity. This strong symbolic presence results in something more than a transit zone: it is an emblematic living space in a new urban entity.

Marina Square is a focal point between the city and the resort, the mangrove and the coast. On the waterfront, there is a promenade that evens out differences in level and takes over from the plant canopy in the provision of shade.
Linear Park constitutes an open space within a configuration that is traditionally closed in upon itself. The creation of volumes, shade and intimacy through the use of vegetation and topography generates an equilibrium, a smooth transition between public and private space, with an invitation to relaxation and sociability.

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Linear park, Emirate of Ajman, UAE
2012 (design details in the course of development)
Client: Solidere International
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Lissoni Associati Architecte, Norr BET, Cracknell BET
Mission: design of outdoor spaces for a resort in Al Zorah
Phases: Concept Design (AVP), Schematic Design (PRO), Detailed Design (EXE)
Area: 9.1 hectares