Four enhanced-service bus lines, Amiens


This project is aimed at making public transport more attractive, and providing services for outlying districts. Rapidity, regularity and reliability are the key words. But apart from transport considerations, this is an urban, metropolitan project that is energising the city in terms of lifestyle and modernity.

Clarifying the terrain

Amiens has a rich, heterogeneous heritage, but has yet to achieve its full potential.

From the unspoilt natural areas to the old centre, with its multiple historical strata, and from the boulevards with their distinctive character to the outlying farmlands, the bus line is intended to provide better connections between the districts it passes through.

Creating public interfaces

The priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists. There are public spaces and squares, interactional nodes, linkages and services. These amenities are meant to stimulate and connect up with a new way of sharing the urban environment.

In the centre, particular attention is given to the quality of the surfaces and the urban furniture, using locally-sourced materials that are unified across the cityscape.

Landscape as overall strategy

The creation of a continuous linear park along the southern boulevards, an enhancement of existing aesthetics, paths for pedestrians and cyclists between the citadel and the historic centre, consideration of the environmental heritage and the relationship to water – these are the mainsprings of the urban transformation process.

The project is not limited to public transport, but also takes in other dynamics, with a view to a renewal of public space.

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Four enhanced-service bus lines, Amiens
Client: Amiens Métropole
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Ilex concepteur lumière, SNC Lavalin (team leader), Iris Conseil, Corédia, Infra Services, Ceryx
Mission: complete project
Overall length: 45 km
Budget: €40 m (excl. tax)