The southern approach to the Lumières stadium

Décines, Chassieu[69]

When an infrastructural need creates a landscape…

In 2010, Ilex was invited to design the southern approach to the Lumières stadium, to be used by public transport on the occasion of major events as an alternative to cars. This stretch of 10 km prefigures an extension of the T3 tram line. Ilex’s view was that it could also be a leisure amenity – a new park for the conurbation.

Between two worlds

The Biezin plain, which is crossed by the new access route, is a conserved suburban ecological corridor surrounded by residential districts.

The park occupies a position between the city and the countryside, and it structures the protected area. It gives prominence to agriculture within this outlying urban zone, and provides the metropolis with a new landscaping and leisure facility.

A landscape that forges links

This metropolitan park stands out today as an innovative marker for nature in the city, along with the parks of La Feyssine, Jonage and Saint-Priest. It is central to the potential for a green network to the east of Lyon, and contributes to the development of urban agriculture.

Ilex is using this infrastructure project to reinforce the idea of landscape-inspired urbanism in the service of the environment and quality of life.

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Studies, 2010-2013; work in progress
Client: Grand Lyon
Design: Ilex paysage urbanisme, Ingérop (team leader)
Mission: complete project
Area: 55 hectares (length: 9 km)
Estimated budget: €38 m (excl. tax)


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