Looking at "the city" in all its dimensions


Interrelational space is no longer a void

The interstitiality of our cities is not simply utilitarian or residual. It is central to our lifestyle, complex but prolific – a territory of invention, a spatial and social resource that we need to cultivate.

The essential nature of sites, and their context

We take a sensitive approach to the terrain, given that each inhabited place is a unique vehicle of potentialities. Our development strategy is based on indices which, though they often remain under the radar, are central to the construction of identity.

Humanity at the heart of the project

Qualitative criteria and wellbeing are of the essence. Apart from technical expertise, our acuity and sense of observation place social and aesthetic considerations at the core of our method.

A systemic approach to the environment

Many proposals extend beyond their nominal spatial boundaries. Broadening horizons, linking up themes and maintaining a tight focus – these are among our fundamentals, and they apply to all the different scales at which we work.

The importance of plant life

With nature and the environment as primary partners, it is not just a question of design, but of complex action on the living world, involving new, responsive, sustained synergies, as demonstrated by our specialist knowledge of the living world.

Self-evidence and simplicity

We rely above all on common sense to optimise spatial design and economics.

The obsolescence of the "finished product", and the emergence of permanent transformation

Cities are changing, and new ways of life are taking shape. Energy use, digitalisation, mobility, health care: what will the city of tomorrow look like? We are in the business of anticipation, long-term planning and fundamental modularity.

Ilex: a permanent laboratory

Our approach is centred on prefiguration, which generates processes of productive dialogue and realistic testing, while continually extending the range of possible innovations.

Towards a shared economy

Given that the concept of public space is in a state of flux, and that it should now be within the grasp of everyone, we feel that it is important for participants in the public and private sectors to work together all the way through from the initial programming of new functionalities to the point where routine management can take over.

We are attached to certain basic precepts.

Landscape is of paramount importance.

An interrelated mode of grasping and compiling projects is central to an urbanism of discovery.

Our society must accept the idea of placing concrete poetry at the service of development.

An insistence on significance and credibility means that there can be a bright future for our habitat.





A good interdisciplinary
team work

Breathing life into urban projects through a holistic approach

Ilex paysage urbanisme has around 20 members whose comprehensive expertise in the fields of landscaping, architecture and urbanism finds expression in the development and adaptation of the space we inhabit.

Guerric Péré founded Ilex in partnership with Martine Rascle, who continued to be active in the agency up to 2008. Guerric Péré remains its director, working with three associates: Jean-Claude Durual, Claudine Thomas and Nadia Herbreteau. Ilex's integrated approach to urbanism takes account of physical and geographical factors, along with present and future needs and potentialities.

Guerric Pere

Guerric Péré

Paysagiste DPLG, Urbaniste SFU - Président
Jean-Claude Durual

Jean-Claude Durual

Paysagiste associé - Directeur général
Claudine Thomas

Claudine Thomas

Associée - Directrice juridique et financière
Nadia Herbreteau

Nadia Herbreteau

Architecte DPLG associée - Directrice de projet
Isabelle Vignolles

Isabelle Vignolles

Architecte DPLG, urbaniste - Directrice de projet
Celine Durand

Céline Durand

Architecte DPLG Urbaniste - Chargée de projet
Julien Pacia

Julien Pacia

Architecte DPLG, Paysagiste Cesp - Chargé de projet
Virginie Langlois

Virginie Langlois

Architecte DPLG - Chargée de projet
Clemence Naveau

Clémence Naveau

Architecte DPLG - Chargée de projet
Clothilde Krebs

Clothilde Krebs

Architecte HMONP - Chargée de projet
Valerie Lux

Valérie Lux

BTS Aménagement Paysager - Chargée de projet
Quentin Guegand

Quentin Guegand

Paysagiste Blois, DSA architecture - Chargé de projet
Camille Favre

Camille Favre

Paysagiste DEP Blois - Assistante de projet
Aurelie le Gougouec

Aurélie Le Gougouec

BTS communication visuelle, formation AFE - Chargée de projet Lumière
Alizee Billois

Alizée Billois

Designer IAE Lyon 3 - Assistante de projet Lumière
Eliane Billon

Eliane Billon

Architecte DE - Assistante de projet
Violaine Buffard

Violaine Buffard

Ingénieur paysagiste Lullier - Assistante de projet
Simon Bricaud

Simon Bricaud

Designer d’environnement DSAA - Assistant de projet
Pauline de Gorostarzu

Pauline De Gorostarzu

Paysagiste Hepia Genève - Assistante de projet
Leonard Paillisson

Léonard Paillisson

DUA paysage et aménagement Urbaniste - Assistant de projet
Stephanie Durdilly

Stéphanie Durdilly

Licence Management des Organisations - Assistante de Direction